Child and Adolescent At-Risk Evaluation for Bipolar Disorder Program at UT Health San Antonio

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Johanna Jarcho, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Clinical, Social & Health
Dept. of Psychology
Stony Brook University

Dr. Jarcho's research program bridges the areas of development and social affective neuroscience to study links between brain function and social-cognitive processes that evolve during adolescence. She uses developmental psychopathology as a theoretical framework to examine how such processes manifest in typically developing adolescents and adults, and those with, or at risk for, psychopathology. She aims to isolate the neural mechanisms that healthy, anxious, and at-risk adolescents engage during social evaluation. Her goal is to use brain-based models of risk and resilience to inform the development of prevention and intervention strategies that mitigate childhood anxiety before it becomes a chronic, costly, and difficult to treat adult illnesses.